Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Beast!

Sexy or what!

Grille plate cools to 70C on this sticky evening -even on days like todayat 80F the water temp was never over 78C.

Fits together well for a plastic pig!

Needs the valance finishing, an alloy plate adding to the bottom, i ripped off the glass one I made as I didnt like it...the next thing will be adjustable, up and down for trackdays etc, 3inches of adjustment. The whole car needs finishing now. I have hit bulleyes control on the engine I just need more jets to recycle the main circuit to operate a touch earlier and give the same fuel as now...smaller corrector and touch smaller main, more advance.

The jag is gonna keep me busy for a week or so now. I needed to get the Beast in the zone today! It happened. Words cannot express my joy with it, I know there is more to come too!!!!!!!!

Diff is shattered too.

I picked up some Ford CVH leads (from coil packed car)for the Megajolt system today and some sensors £10 total! The leads are near perfect fit! I will run these old things and hunt ebay for some magnecor CVH leads and then use those...I will use the evening time to get the system in place then Mr Bowler will come and give frankstein life. Oh yes! Its gonna be GR8!

Time to get an oil cooler on it too, pressure was lowering a bit today after some backlane tuning, with the oil really hot it makes 60psi @ 3500 and 15-18psi at idle, I'd expect a 5-10psi raise with a big cooler...,You know I NEVER use the open road to tune my car. I go on the rural single track lanes, the surface is better than the main road, there's no doddering old barstewards infesting them and you barely see a car...I go on the main road im stuck behind some knob and the surface rattles my car to bits....Sad state of affairs!! I call the local lanes motorways as its faster than the A-Road!!

It doesn't use oil, none at all really- in the 350miles running in it didnt use more than a drip, its done 150miles on this lot and its still 0.5mm overfull, it doesnt leak oil or weap oil 8-) The best engine I have made by a longshot, worth the hassle blueprinting it all.

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