Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bonjourno Beasto

Did a few rounds locally and put a few more miles on the car. Evidently running superbly I was in town behind traffic today doing 1200rpm in 4th gear (3.63 dff!!) smooth as! on the flat it'll pull anything from 1200rpm in top provided you don't rush the engine, you can't expect a race cam to throw you up the road from 20mph in a gear that will pull 130mph!! - just pottle.

I pottered along on fresh air in 4th gear! Got some insane mileage off a well under a gallon, I have never seen the guage move so little on tuned engine !! in a good 35miles the guage barely moved! Mega economy.

I picked up on a couple of areas on the ignition that could use adjustment I think made some small adjustments to my map and will try this on my way to Worcester tomorrow.

Also noted my pumps are delivering too much fuel, there is no lag and bit of a gurgle and got a rich fluff a couple of times decking it in first, 2nd, so I backed the nuts on the rods down/off two turns tonite...On this jetting the pumps are barely needed its very active, like my old engine you just need a tiny spurt on 35 pump jets for decking it from low rpm.

Added my final MAP reading pickup system....more blue hose! addictive!! its all blue now!

Overall the car is so damned great now. I have a few issues to sort but its rather good! That coming from a perfectionist - must be good! Really solid base I'll make microscopic adjustments from now on and give each time to compare results. Idle's a touch lumpy when it gets hot and not mixture related, by lumpy I mean it moves a bit 8-) not much.

I need to adjust the timing I think...

I note when the piddly alternator starts to draw current, when the fan comes on the engine smooths out alot...Basically without a fat alternator, water pump etc there is NO drag on the crank, so any roughness is magnified alot due to stripping all the power caining old stuff off...I am sure a go on my mates Co2 probe and fiddling with the timing on a laptop will get it good...

Also its running super cool which is a sign of it being really the afternoon today 72F ambient it was at constant 60C under low load on open road...I like it cool.

So I treated it to a tank of optimax and a bottle of millers, which it enjoyed alot! Smooths out a treat...needs 100 of the best octanes really...anything less is not optimal...Felt strong in cold air tonite...I chased a well prepped and modded Alfa something briefly, odd car, went well, he booted it hard but I pulled him in 8-)

Noted near J.Wolfe's that super was under a quid a litre! 9-10p cheaper than here, and 4 star at alot of garages and also 99-100 octane at some garages, bastards! we get screwed and have to put up with rats piss here. Rural wages and prices more expensive that city, boll**** to that!!

Somehow both my rear silencer bolts rattled out and the exhaust fell off, most odd, wondered what the hell had broken! Sounded like prop had come off...I had my tin snips with me, so i rolled down a hill till I saw a fence and removed me some wire, and got home! Only 200metres before this a huge bottle got wedged under the car I thought the valance had fallen off or something!! Oddness!

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