Monday, June 12, 2006

5 speed box, new diff

Found a type 9 ford kit thanks to Mr Wolfe. Just have to go and pick it up later this week, and earn the dollar to pay for it! Be on the jag for the next few days solid!

Karl Dandridge will get me a race spec diff made up, should be sweet and reliable...Diff uses dolomite crown wheel or something 4.11.

I'll have an extra gear between my current 2nd and 3rd! 3rd is too epic atm. 4th is like 5th! Also nice lazy cruising....Most excellent....Its the only way.

I have a super strong close ratio 4 speed box for sale £250, works perfectly. Dolomite 1850 internals uses Mk3 spit clutch. the strongest variation of gearboxs.

So should be well geared for hillclimbs and launching then also replace the boxes for peanuts.

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