Monday, June 12, 2006

Carb tuning possibly completed

So I moved to 32 chokes over the weekend, and it was pants. Back on 33mm tonite and its back on form, clear to 7600. Oddly I scored the best jetting result the very first night...To assure myself it was good I went back around on the jets and chokes and it needs 33mm. Oddly it doesnt even have more torque or anything on 32mm. Most odd, this is a weird engine, compared to its previous guise.

As I fought the 32 chokes I was playing with the timing and all sorts just couldnt get any results really...Backed the timing back down today to 34max...Doesnt really seem any benefit at the top from 36...using 36 gives me a static of 14degrees which seems to give a noticeable low rpm wot power increase and low end power and driveablity but not so good at the top posssibly, atleast on 97 octance fuel...The old engine used to love 98 opitmax and millers booster, so there's more power to come via fuel selection...Sadly the local garage moved to Texaco, I don't rate it as highly as optimax...

As such can't wait to get this 3D ignition on, should really liven it up...I could weld my dissy weights up to 10deg, set the static at 14deg and have 34max, seems to me thats whats needed, the curve doesnt work as well on this engine from my findings...Suited the old one nicely...Can't be arsed with it, stupid dissy!

Gonna increase my plugs a little more.

Sorted a small oil leak from the timing cover, that was down to these funny gaskets needing re-torquing all the bolts were loose! noticed it had used some oil, it was leaking a decent ammount, now its not, torqued the sump up again as one this was dripping a touch from two bolts...This head gasket does leak a tiny bit of oil from the rocker side, gonna re-torque it 65lbs and clean it up with loads of thinners and run a trace of adheseal along the side, hate leaks bar that its dry....

I shall make a little alloy bracket for the crank sensor shortly.

It you want a dogs nads close ratio 4 speed for spitfires email me I can even make the box ready to expect a J-type for an extra £100 by rebuilding it on a new mainshaft...Its the lightest and strongest combo there is, even the case is lighter than stock 1850 one. Works perfectly, you can engage first with double clutching at 50mph without a wimper.

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