Friday, April 18, 2008

Alloy Pleasures.

Hooray, a completed piece of automotive artwork.
All nicely TIG'ed for the bargain price of £30 by my cousin.
He's actually quite good.
All just about stayed in line, had to oval 1 hole about 1/2mm. Where the bolts pass through the box section there are 1inch diameter solid tubes to allow it to be tightly clamped.
Got my Ford pressure cap on...No overflow on this setup, you just fill it to a sensible level and note the maximum level just before boiling point.

Quite pleased with that.
Also knocked up some tube section for the water pipe on this side of the engine, bolts to the shocker mount.
Give me a something to be getting on with over weekend fixing up plumbing, also got my swirl pot modified.

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Anonymous said...

from the first two pictures I had no idea what it was. Looks like good quality work