Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Useful Company

Had no idea these guys were right by me.

Looks my alloy welding issues maybe solved forever.

Been troubling about my water rail for the outlet side, ideally I need it one piece in alloy, but there are some complex bends, outside the radius of the normal 4.5" mandrel bending radius, need tighter ones. Looks like these guys are ideal! I need to bead the one end, get a flange on the other, a mount to go on the top alternator bracket and heater pipe outlet added and also a boss for the temp sender. So its complex item.

Check out that Maserati 250F tank!
Guess over and have a chat, they can handle all my alloy stuff. Looking at the reasonable prices of their tanks and stuff, looks like reasonable cost too.
Might have to add them to my list of prospective places to go and try and blag a job at sometime...Need my "CV" finished first.

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