Wednesday, April 09, 2008


That's complete! Bar just bolting down the roll cage and bolting the flanges on the dash to it later.
Cool. Just have to get some edge strip to stick on the seam of the dash, some furry stuff. If I add a dash gauge for my innovate wideband lambda probe it can go under the fuel pressure gauge.
All setup to see all the important bits.
Noone has a dash like mine eh? You note no speedo. Thats cause the SPA Tacho has a digital one, it also has programmable shift lights and shiftlight output driver for external shift lights, 0-whatever and anything you want 50-80mph etc etc timer, rev recall, odometer, trip mileage...So its not only useful for revs but tuning with the speed timer etc...It also does other stuff...Josh B sold it to me, which was nice cause at the price they cost I'd not be using one brought new!
Annoying they never stick a grommet on the capillary line before assembly...Its gonna be like trying to give birth through a straw getting one to go over the main nut...Maybe easier to try and ram it through the gap between the line and nut! Or slice one and superglue back together...Details Details! I have a totally sealed bulkhead so far.

Now left with only a few expenses...Some alloy welding, vac forming my gearbox tunnel and a brake kit, probably midlite Wilwood as the Caterham AP kit has pistons that are a bit too big. I am not sure on the Alcon kit cause of the solid discs...

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Jony said...

wanna do mine? haha still waiting for a cheap spa guage to come up....ome day....