Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Probably be using some different top wishbones, with a Caterham balljoint, these have adjustable balljoint location, so adjustable camber.


This is good cause I was on 10 spacers on one side :) To get 2.25deg of negative camber...This left about 1/2 a turn of nylock on the nut locking it on the thread.

So I knocked up 8 of these alloy spacers to replace the shims...They are 6mm thick, two under each bracket, with a thin hardened washer and K-Nut I can probably squeeze another two of the normal packers in as well...This increases the trackwidth about 28mm over a car with no packers...The wishbones should sort the rest. It also keeps the distance the same on each side...All brackets packed out the same.Note Goodridge hardline fitting awaiting 10mm polymide coated alloy tubing for fuel line.

These are AN (aircraft navy) K-nuts they are supersrong like 150,000psi and have a self locking action via deformed threads and can be reused many times. I will use these on the brackets to allow as much packing as possible.
Should be getting my alloy stuff welded Friday. By my cousin actually, he did all my stuff before....That Concept Racing place (Boss) told me 6 week wait, no flexiblity, not willing to squeeze in an hours work, or that arsed I mentioned more stuff in the future, so they are off my list.

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