Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fuel Tank Level Sender mod

Ok so the RaceTech gauge didn't like my Triumph Sender, well it worked but was stuck @ 1/8th in the tank at full droop and not making max full @ full extension...I did try messing with it, it then seemed to conk out...

Lucky for me I got a big box of old Rover Parts. In the box happened to be two sender units. Quick test showed both worked perfectly, holding empty and full at max and min movement.

The one on the left is suitable for the tank...I gently tweaked the rod to the float so it sat a little lower in the tank. So now it sits about 1/2inch off the bottom of the tank on empty and 1/2inch from the top on full. Perfect! Gives me a 3/4 of a gallon reserve on empty.

Same shape, diameter, thickness, did have to just nip off a little block of plastic from the back to clear the locating tabs on the tank.
Should seal perfectly well it all went together as normal.
Gauge off.
Gauge on @ empty.
These gauges are great, the triumph shite takes about 1minute to go from max to min etc. These are instant...Maybe even so good I'd not bother using a capillary on the water temp had I known how far electric gauges had moved on...

Looks like another improvement! Also the gauge and sender at not effected by external voltage changes to anything like the degree of the old ones...about 10th as much, check that too.

Sender is a Metro/Maestro or Montego...Not sure...either way it was a free mod and an improvement! I was never happy with my fuel gauge anyway, it seemed to fluctuate.

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