Monday, April 28, 2008

Remote Thermostat Waffle

Been doing some hunting...

Item below looks like the ticket...I can buy two of those for abour £10!

Its even got 32mm tails. The smaller pipe is the bypass...So while warming up water is cycled through the smaller pipe back to the before the water pump...Then when warm enough the stat opens it flows through both that and the radiator...

Probably an 87C stat in there atm...What I could do is slice it in half...Make two flanges and weld them to either half...inbetween the two flanges can be a normal thermostat housed in the Rover rubber ring...Basically replicating the rover two piece housing...Just slap it on for now.Other options are the QED kit as below, but thats £150, even 2nd hand probably £75.
Found this neat Nascar housing on ebay.
Probably just slap the top one in for a few quid eh. Quite keen on the thermostat idea, I always wanted to be able to run my 1300 a bit warmer at cruise on motorway...Water system was too efficient. I want to run a bypass now, so will need a thermostat.

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