Saturday, April 19, 2008

Techo Techno

More plumbing and messing about.

I have this odd urge to refit the stock water pump...

This really changes nowt in packaging terms, cause its been considered anyway...All I have to do is ditch the EWP, add in a section of hose where it sits atm.

Reasons? Reliability, it also makes the heater easier and one problem with the EWP could roast my head.

Fitting that up is easy enough, leave everything as it is.

Being as the whole water pipe from the radiator to the engine under the carbs would be under suction its basically just a job of adding two take offs to the alloy pipe under the carbs, one will suck from the heater the other would be used as a bypass for a remote thermostat. Leave the takeoff in the small section of hose before the EWP as is.

I am tempted to make a remote thermostat housing anyway and run that with a bypass. Just need a block of billet and few hours on a lathe.

I may just leave the basic system as is for now without the heater, as planned, see whats cooking with it.

Swapping the water pumps is only a 20min job anyway, off with the cambelt, out with the pump, new pump on, easy enough. Gives me something to fiddle with anyways.

Bushed my wishbones and setup the anti-roll bar so its hanging evenly, ie, both wishbones dead level with the rose-joints adjusted.
Next task will the water rail from the end of the hose below to the area on the back of the head with masking tape on. This will need a boss for the water temp gauge sender and a take-off to feed the heater...First I need to find a neat heater valve...I think some cars have neat electric solenoid ones, compact and well, electric! So I will Ebay that later.
Comong along, slowly...Man this stuff takes time/thought! You wouldn't believe how much? Its quite taxing.
Numerous unknowns, but I am quite confident in the systems :)

It'll be like my life's work is complete when its finished :)

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