Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Frankenstiens Monster

Engine back in, not for the last time either....I thought it might be, but it won't :)
Now I can weld the header tank to the strut brace...Seems silly not to. Both need to be removed to get the engine out, so why not make them 1 unit!
Wiring is now just about done, front light connections are sorted with two 6 way waterproof connectors.

Final trial fitting to nail all these alloy bits.

Clutch is plumbed and tested, working fine. Short pedal, heavy, like it. 0.750" M/C. The girling cap fits the wilwood M/C's...Bit of an originality joke eh...

Purposeful spaghetti?

Well measuring was good, cause the clutch line clears the bulkhead by 12mm.
What have I done, this project is sapping my power. Suppose it'll be done soon enough, still so much stuff to make, some of which means other people getting involved, which is usually a reciepe for depression and disappointment.
I shall go pick up some covering for the dash later, I could use some gauges as well, a bit of retail therapy might do some good.
Only 999,567 loose ends to tie up now.

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