Friday, April 25, 2008

Water Rail Part 2

Quick welding session at lunctime. Stage 1 is complete. Now just need another mount for the alternator area, to stop any vibration. Also need to add the heater take off tube I have already prepared...First I need to work out what heatervalve to use, so I can place the takeoff in the place for neatest plumbing and minimalist fitment.It has a JIC4 weld-on stuck at the highest paet, to aid initial bleeding. I will put a JIC4 blanking cap over this.

Just have recut the seat slightly to get a bigger flat washer on the head end.

It moved out a few mm from alignment with the head it was parallel, but its not a problem, thats all part of the fun of taking pieces somewhere to be welded. I can't really tweak it back in without pressuring the flange, so just account that with a slight offset on the front bracket.

All good.

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