Monday, April 21, 2008

Exhaust rambling.

Time to give this some thought.

I'd like to "sort" it for good...

I am two minds atm. The Caterham manifold I have is a 4-1. Below shows a 4-2-1, yes the primaries are too short I know. So my plan maybe to buy some 1.5" tube and 1.75" and modify my manifold into a 4-2-1.

I can slice off the collector, handmake some new collectors to get the pipes into two, not 1 as no.

I can then get the secondaries over a long length around the end of the sill and have a collector here, then into the main pipe 2.5".

That should help torque and low speed running.

Also the place my cousin works at can mandrel bend pipe, so I can go there and blag the machine and make my own exhaust, my cousin can tig it up...

Its better for me having two smaller pipes of the collector and along the outrigger as the wheel will not rub on them at full lock.

That would give me a half decent exhaust...I could do it for the material costs and small time on the bending machine.

Or just go 4-1 and that just needs a section of 2.25" bending up.

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