Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dashing Dash

Me dash is done. Took me ages to cover it. I balsed up the first covering and got a few small lumpy areas, so ripped it off, took ages to deglue the surface again! Pain. Anyways the second = perfection, not a lump, or ripple anywhere! You have to look at it all the time? Its gotta be right!Ordered some Racetech gauges. A 7ft capillary water temp gauge, a -3 version of the oil pressure gauge 0-100psi (saves buying a -3 hose to BSP adaptor from Merlin), a new fuel level gauge (hoping this works with the stock sender, should do), an electric oil temp gauge 0-150deg and sender.
Flat as a pancake. Thats not just a covering man, thats taking it to perfection and beyond...

This is what I see, all the important dials and lights.
Made some carpet templates for the flat sections that will go in the floorpans.

Need to nail this gearbox tunnel and hump, can then paint the floor, that should be the cabin complete.

Prolly stick some furry edge covering on the lip of the dash.

Maybe some shiney shit through the post will aid with the motivation atm. The end is close, good the clocks have gone back, its a good time to stop hiberating.

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