Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its finished!

All done for ready for test drive...
No, not really.
Stuffed the suspension on to for a quick trial fit and check out the camber and castor before I modify those horrible canley bearing carriers. My long-term intension is to make tubular wishbones for the bottom with a new bearing housing. So for now I will weld a pair of tangs on the canley things so they are pinched by the original bolt and also the shocker bolt. The shocker has sphericals in the bottom and so there is a load of spacer with side, so instead of fitted large sidespacers on the bolt I will add tangs to the canley thing and run two small side spacers. This will mean the bearing housing is unable to rotate and is not reliant on "friction" to stay inplace. Would I use those carriers relying on friction and a single bolt? Not unless you held a gun to my head. I will also get a skilled TIG welder to add 8 small tig lines to the inside of the oversized bearing housing in the canley carrier 0-45-90-135-180 deg etc...I will them use an adjustable milling tool to take the opening out to an exceptable PRESS fitting tolerance, smather the bearing on bearing loctite and run that till I sort the new wishbones.

Thats a quality bodge of a complete bodge, for now it will fine...

The caterham links and housing appear to have no noticable effect on castor compared to a "normal" upright. I spent all afternoon messing.
Thats my suspension! I need two new steering arms for the upright and some wilwood brakes.
Steering rack geometry was as optimised as the stock location allows, before this round of mods, so requires no adjustment.
The wheel studs stick out just enough to slice small animals to pieces.
Its black, blue, red and silver!
Soldered up some of last connections, just need toadd another hole in the bulkhead for the main starter cable...been trying to find some nice bulkhead split connection, but can't find anything like it...
Fan sensor its under here, need another 90 bend of 32mm I/D tubing.
Thats it folks. Jobs are evaporating now.

Fuel line and main rear brake line need adding, and front braided lines to calipers making. Thats

Water rail.

Gearbox tunnel mould and hump welding in.

Paint floorpans.

Finish apollo tank.

Modify rocker cover to take -12 hose and make a catch tank bottle.

Find radiator sensors from scrappy to fill holes in radiator.

Buy brake kit.

Exhaust section.

Fit windscreen.

When that list is done it could be "run" and MOT'ed.

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