Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Been tied up on other stuff.

However tomorrow my dash should be complete with all gauges working, all illuminated and all switchwork sorted. Which will be nice. That means the wiring is done. Dash is all fully bolted in.

Steering column bracing went well, it don't move at all.

Been hassled with annoying part suppliers who can't do anything and slowed down by stupid products with no industry standard. Like I wanted to add covers over my switch studs sticking out the dash, neater. Sadly seems noone has noticed the covers have an M12 0.75mm thread and 90% of the switches on the market, all but grayston ones have an M12 x1mm thread.

I go to maplins cause I see on the website they sell covers and switches...Guess what...All the switches are course thread and the covers are fine, what f'ing use is that? I point this out to them...

Anyways I finally found some grayston on/off/on switches and should be good to go with a fine thread, if not I may end up breaking something or spitting bile, already wasted £10 on some other brand..Its these little details that take the piss out of you.

I'll take some piccies once my gauges finally arrive.

Popped to Merlins the otherday, fun to see this Turbo Bike engined Westfield slaughtering everything at a trackday (Merlins is at CastleCombe)...

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