Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Almost there - Stress looms

After flirting with numerous ideas for a water system to replace the thermostat thing, I finally came to a solution I was happy with...Decided to not weld anything into the block but make a removable item, that can be reused.
The normal thermostat slides into a mating surface in the block and sealed by a compressed o-ring. I roughly knocked up a replacement item today, need to make some minor adjustments tomorrow and finish the surfaces off cleaner.
Normal push-fitting uses a single o-ring as seen on the black item...I made a replica of the black item from some steel, it now has two o-rings for double security. I need to cut the grooves slightly deeper/wider as its a a bit tight, but its all good. I wanted to get it as tight as possible to compress the o-ring more than normal but it needs 0.35mm more taking from the grooves.
Pushes into the block like so. It'll be a stiff push fit.
A small bracket will support it, or stop it blowing out, rather like the normal housing.
Thats about it, needs brazing up tomorrow, another item done.

I think bar the water-rail for the other side and exhaust section (need to be dollied to Worcester for a custom fitment as last job) thats all the engineer or brain ache...just need to get some powder coating down and box it all up. Everything has been fitted, trail fitted, refitted, finally shaped and is now a kit ready for probably an 8hrs installation. Welder is still banged up. Basically its just the bulkhead, gearbox tunnel and painting it stand between me and completion...

Still 70days to go, but that aint long, as it needs to prove itself, be tuned and any unlikely issues remedied...Probably get a new 110Litre per minute EWP pump and keep the old one as a spare. Its 4 years old now.

Jag will be absorbing all my time for the next 10days, cause the bloke delivering it, made prior plans reliant on it being done, and obviously there is delays, its a restoration, which has made the job a load of stress for him, and as a consequence, me. I'll do my best to get it finished, but its a bit of unrealistic target, you do such a nice job then rush it at the end, silly.

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