Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bottom-end built

Job done. Hopefully done it right :) Basically done nothing bar change the big-ends and had a poke at it. I like to know how things work, I like to take stuff apart :)I don't have to liner clamp so I can't add the flywheel till the heads on to not risk moving the newly sealed liners...They are resting on a clamped on bit of wood atm !

Go there after wasting ages trying to find torque specs! they are important in these engines!
Crank is in.
Few balance marks from my trip to Bill @ midland balancing 07768 577222 wasn't far out about 20grams.
Ladder installed.
Oil pump, rear main seal, oil rail installed.
Flywheel wasn't too bad, 18grams out, good considering the amount of mods it had!

Hopefully my cam followers arrive tomorrow and I can nail the head on...Just have to make baffles for the sump and get the water pump and baffles welded in, best get that done at the same time, as its both alloy. Then time the cams (need a few dial gauges and make some mounts) and wot not. It can be put to one side them.

Glad I checked it over anyway, I don't intend to backtrack, the engine and related systems should be out the box perfect...I hope to not have to go back and change anything, planning and lessons learned in the previous stuff helps.


Jony said...

looking good dave! will my engine look that nice once its finished too? :D

David Powell said...

Yes, I can primer grey the thing too eh? :D