Friday, June 08, 2007

Another marathon

A K crank...big ends are a tad bigger than the mains!
Engine is stripped, cleaned ready for reassembly, alot of work!

Apollo tank, not an immediate concern, it de-airates oil as the K, especially the VVC is prone to foaming in the head.
Clean block. Have removed two liners and resealed them, will do the others tomorrow, pretty easy, smack em out, stick a bit of loctite on the bottom, hylomar on the top...
Gearbox is ready to go bar final length lines need making.
Sleep time! Collected various small parts this afternoon, got most bits for the engine, bar I need a flywheel bolt, the guy who did the lovely job onthe sump sealer also used the wrong socket on the bolts, so might get some ARP.

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