Sunday, June 03, 2007


Short lived sadly. Hopefully make some good progress this week.

Gonna buy a decent Mig Welder 185 or 210amps...Maybe a Portamig.

Got a mate coming to weld up my engine mounts in the next couple of days. I can pull the engine out, strip the bottom-end and get the crank balanced and replace bearings then, and stick the head on and sort the clutch.

Hopefully I'll have a decent Mig of my own then, can do the rest myself.

Sidexit exhaust :)
Thats about it. Been so busy last 2weeks. Gave Richard Dredge his car back, happy with it, should see me in Practical Classics soon. Jag has gone for trimming, back in 10days or so for the finish bit of work. Few things lined up to keep me busy after that, tuning the carbs on a Ferrari. Got a Spitfire coming here for a build and tart up for sale, as its in bits..Possibly some work on a Riley. Possibly another car for the Jag man. Few other things...Practical Classics may bring carb work...

Summer, good time to be busy!

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