Monday, June 18, 2007


Another late one...

Wiring is all done! Hooray. My welder bloke is useless, he's fired, will call another guy, who did some good work years ago.

Had to spend some pennies today ordered everything to finish off the car from raly design, not much only £62!...Ordered some random fixings for braided lines, a wilwood master cylinder with remote reserviour for my brakes, few studs, connectors etc...

I think PROPER VVC followers, not BMW ones! are £15 a pop...For that price I am gonna buy another engine! Strip the inlet, VVC system, pullies and everything of it leaving the head and block, sell that stripped off stuff for about £300 like last time, have a spare engine for free and some followers I can reface! Seems stupid to do it any other way!

You know my VVC engne cost me £450, that came with the special bellhousing, special clutch, mod flywheel, spigot bearing for use in kitcar, wiring, dash, about a grands worth of stuff...Flogged everything I didn't need for about £300! I got such a steal £150 for basically everything, the bellhousing alone is £300, £150 for the clutch, about £100's worth of work on the flywheel, £30 for the caterham spigot!

Barely any costs left bar a custom exhaust section and welding and some paint...I have to get this welding done this week...I can paint it then and its really just fitting the thing finally, which is a doddle cause its all been fitted finally anyway. I think the home stretch is very close.

I really need to get a pukka welder and learn to weld, its well over time I need to be totally self sufficient!

Should have pullled my finger out earlier.

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