Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Double post today! Engine strip started.

Had a good evening fiddling with a Lotus Elans Dellortos, not super good, I balanced them, rejetted the idles and set the mixtures but it was still a tad lumpy in my opinion, owner needs to leave it with me for a road testing and carbs off for a proper recondition if he wants it perfect. Needs a good afternoon testing jet combo's really, but was a great improvement anyway...Being as it was a lumpy dog off idle and stuttering, left running a load better picking well on light throttle, but crossover to main jet was a bit fluffy, ran out of time today.

Best pleasure the viewers first with a shot of some quality induction.
Engine block complete, bar head - with crank/rods clutch, flywheel, pulley attached is only 46kilos :) Feels lighter than a bare Spitfire block!

Sump pan and early type oil rail ladder that holds the entire engine together.
I saw this green cack protruding from the sump - from the guy I got the engine off he pulled the sump, I knew the inside would be full of it...This was laying in the sump, good job he hadn't run it the cack would almost block the filter in the pipe-up pipe! Monkies! Worth pulling the sump for that alone...WRONG sealer.
Big-ends about perfect for 30,000miles, really not a mark on them bar what you'd expect, polish more than wear, number 1 and 4.
Journals are PERFECT not a mark on them, gotta love modern engines :)

Diddy 10mm big-end bolts, lovely caps. Will be swapping the bearings if they are a specific type, just wrote the numbers down to check.

The Type9 conversion propshaft I was using before is off being shortened to 28.25" flange to stub face. Good job it was only 2" diameter as it fits perfectly with close clearance to the handbrake area on the tub..

Gonna be a busy week...

Starter motor

Flywheel and pulley mods

Crank/fly and clutch balance

Rebuild bottom-end back up with new gaskets.

Port oil pump and make some anti-slosh baffles in the sump.

Alot of small mods to the engine

Sort water system mods

Assemble head

Fix head to block

Bolt on carbs finally - stick some kits on them cause I nicked the gaskets and jet them..

Base jetting will be :

37mm chokes, 57idle with 7850.3 holder, 148main, 6 tube with 170 air correctors on 45 pumps, which should deliver.

If I can get everything bar the final exhaust piping and the spraying of the bulkhead done this week it'll be a good one. Trouble is I tend to spend ages doing stuff to my personal requirements :)

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