Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bit of fiddling.

Engine assembly kit...decided to replace the old guides in the head, cause the engine is so good, might go forever? So will fit some Colisibro guides and just get the seats trace cut again on Serdi, ie no reporting the area, just a thou or two off job, lap the valves all good for longterm motoring.

Again can't leave stuff alone! Only intended to bang the engine in really, but as its such a decent unit may as well fit decent guides as the stock ones a bit crap and shorter then they were. I'd hope for good longterm service from it.

The engine is like a Burger King Burger...Sump and rocker cover are the bun, The cam carrier oil rail are the salad, the crank lower case bearing ladder is the gerkins, the block is the beef :)

Engine is a big sandwich!

You get the idea from the alloy they can't be totally manhandled, abused like Triumph lumps! One wrong dent, scrape you've marked or damaged something.

Refitted all the liners, easy enough, bores are superb, main bearings ok for re-use, bagged to be refitted in exact location they came from, the K was hand built and used 3 grades or sizes of bearing on the same crank in some cases...Mine is clearly a Monday engine cause the grade is all intermediate on the mains...Big-ends replaced with best normal type bearings...New head studs, land rover oil rail to be fitted, uprated, stiffer, this is the salad in tghe burger, it holds the whole engine together the studs pin the 5 layers of engine together they arenearly 50cm long!

New Flywheel bolts to replace the manged ones £0.70P each.
Engine mounts awaiting clean up and paint.
Oil block fitted.
Made a start on the bulkhead, only 3 more bits to make, best grit blast it clean after its all trial fitted before welding and etch priming and painting. Easy as pie!
Hopefully have the bulkhead sections done tomorrow. Once the bulkhead is done the tunnel can go in, once thats done I can paint it, I have only to pickup my propshaft, build the engine, attach the box, fit it, add all the pre-made wiring and plumbing and thats about it....Its not far off.

I think the end result will be rather good both in performance and looks...

Hopefully can have the bulkhead in place ready for paint and all the parts to complete the engine done next week. Which would be ideal as the Jaguar is back next week.

Got a day next week road testing an Lotus Elan Sprint and rejetting it, nice car.

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