Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Coming on

Well been doing many small jobs that have added up to alot of time.

Engine is ready for assembly, off to get the crank balanced tomorrow I can rebuild the bottom-end tomorrow night. Just waiting for 8 new lifters for the head, head is ready for assembly.

Got some proper sealant for the gasketless joints, there are no gaskets on the engine bar the head gasket. Only had a 10ml bottle though so have to find some more tomorrow.

I roughly stuck it together trying to sort a decent alternator system...
Bulkhead is ready welding, hopefully get that started tomorrow night.
All the ancillary systems are finished and cleaned and boxed.
Painted some stuff, battery box, dipstick tube, rebuilt the oil pump, painted that.

Just need the water tube welding to the block, but that can be done anytime, make a water rial for the other side, wasn't happy with my previous design. Bulkhead can be painted once it welded...Couple of small tasks on it first...Need to source some odd bolts for this and that...

Majority of fabricating and mods are done. Everything is clean and once the bulkhead and engine are built progress will be very rapid I think. Lots of small parts needed sourcing which has kept me busy.

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