Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Clutch perfecto!

Clutch works perfectly with BurtonPower concentric release bearing system...

As heavy as it was before, quite heavy, but fine.

Bite point is very nice, with enough slack for clutch wear, its half way on the pedal, pedal can be depressed fully without any issues.

Using the Burton kit with a 1inch spacer, no mods needed, bolt on job. Feels lovely.

Above shows the kit as fitted, before use and bleeding, there is a 3.5mm gap between the release bearing and clutch fingers.

The 3.5mm is perfect as when the clutch wears the fingers will move out, the clutch will be toasted by the time is has 3.5mm wear! So this 1inch spacer is perfect.

Bite point above. Fully depressed clutch pedal, ample movement and biting point is mid way on the travel.

Static position.
Clutch test rig.

Engine mounts are welded, flywheel will be modified tomorrow I hope.

Also build the head back up tomorrow.

Bulkhead might be made this week and welded, just have to spray it, weld in the rear gear mount I finished yesterday..Some final cuts to the chassis, its close enough to finishing. I hope this week I can crack most of it. Also have to make a water pipe to replace the standard K series plastic thermostatic thing.

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