Friday, June 15, 2007

Engine build near complete

Head is on, not using the new MultiLaterSteel LandRover Head Gasket.

Instead an uprated Lotus gasket of the original type. Saves the 0.010" shim on the MLS. Keeps my compression up a bit more.

Below is a head bolt, this holds the entire engine together, 10 of them clamp the head/block/ladder/oil rail together...

Funny engine! You do them up to 20nm, then 180deg and another 180 deg in sequence. Seems pretty hardcore by the effort required...Hopefully ok, what can you do, follow the book! I am a K-series virgin. Nasty hearing some creaks and clicks as you do them up! a lump of cast iron it is not!

Alternator kind of fell into place after I found a rare alternator mount for high location, usually its low mounted and right in the way of the shock turret...I managed to get the pulley off my micro alternator, it was stuck on, impact wrench wouldn't shift it without spinning the pulley, had to use some alternative techniques :)

I robbed a 5 groove pullley from a Rover 820 Diesel it fits perfectly enough, but I will lathe some material from it where the nut sits, as the thread on the alternator shaft is designed for a thinner pulley face so there isn't many threads left sticking out as the nut is faced.

It needs a 930mm belt 5 groove, hopefully that won't cause me too much hassle.

It'll pivot from the top point the adjustment is on the bottom link.
All lines up, also its a decent distance from the exhaust mounted this way, which was a problem when mounted low down.

The adjustment for tension is prolific as the alternator lugs are vertical, so the bottom link swings it out loads, can probably run a 950mm belt if needed...The bottom link will be stronger than the top mount, as the top mount is a bit feeble, the adjustment bracket I will make after finding a belt tomorrow will be taking the majority of the vibration and load as well as being the adjustment point, probably some stripped of 4mm steel like a normal bracket but a pair of them gripping the bottom lug either side and fixed with M10 hex bolts. Also pleases me that the bracket system is out of sight under the alternator, leaving only a pivot and bracket at the top.

Neat enough and also just enough room for my water rail to go over the top.
The only remains of the old water thermostat housing is the plastic bit between the block and dipstick tube :) Hacked off the housing!

Coming on, but detailing stuff to look and work good is time consuming...

When its all together I'd hope for the neatest looking and most simple conversion possible, total neatness.

Thought it best to actually check the uprated pipercams cambelt is the right one, as it was an ebay special.
All seems to fit...Hopefully I can wrap up the alternator tomorrow, I think thats the last of the actual engine related mods.

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