Friday, June 22, 2007

Hey Rumpith

Like my new remote filter bracket? :)
Have to take it all off again, finally tweak a few bits, hack off the rad lug brackets that are redundant.

Quick measure, attack some alloy sheet with a jigsaw and file, you get a nice bracket, fits first time!
Could add an oil temp sensor in the filter head..There is a place to drill and tap a hole for one..But then my apollo tank has a take off too.
Marked up the apollo tank ready for welding, as bottom take off need changing in location. Will make some mounts for it later, won't go on initially but will as soon major trashing and trackwork are on the cards.
If I need an oil cooler I will use a Laminova heat exchanger, not a radiator, so I need to account for the pipework design...Be using decent synthetic oil anyway so 100degrees is working temp really.

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