Thursday, June 28, 2007


Na not a crackpipe, a water one.

Job done. The standard grooves for the o-rings were 33.33mm I made them 33.66 so its a tad tighter fit.

Old and new.
Pipes at same level. Have two 90 bends of hose to add with a fan controller in the middle.

Made a couple of stilts for radiator, some alloy tube, crimped one end, m8 stud in other, bolts to the chassis on the stud.
Made a stiffer throttle cable bracket from some stainless steel.

Jag was meant to back two weeks ago, then last sunday, then, wednesday, then friday, now Saturday...pigs might fly...
Personally I wanted to get the entire thing perfect, run it about, tune it up properly - once its run in, get every system working properly, trial it out - I cannot except responsiblity for it after it leaves here, as I wasn't given the time to do anything more than built it and drive it for an MOT.
You cannot totally recommission a car and not have to go back and do small adjustments etc as stuff beds in etc. All this cause the bloke who is meant to be driving it down, made plans to drive it down ages ago, before multiple delays...and doesn't want to except they are not realistic "now"...personally I'd be worried about a 2000mile drive in a newly built car 1 day after its "possibly" completed...But its out my hands hope he has breakdown cover.....Don't get me wrong, its all done well, but its not my bag to just bolt and go, I prefer to get things right, you cannot get things right in 7days when 6 of those days will be assembly and the test drive will be a few miles...Balls to it...You need atleast some decent time from the first drive to giving it to a customer, a shakedown, cause its inevitable something will leak etc, thats even if the first drive doesn't show up any minor issues...phhttt.

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