Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tarting, cutting, building!

Front of the chassis was looking a bit crappy. The powder coating used was a bit crap, thin, and it was surface rusting in a few places...So I hacked off a few minor and important areas...Such as the end pieces that hold a valance on, the plastic valance is about 1.5kilos so no need for massive bracing...Also hacked a bit out the middle...Was tempted to really get serious, but that involves more work, and maybe next time.

Repainted it with Jenolite Repaint, thinned with white spirit and sprayed on...Its a good enough, better than chipper-rite.

Dried quickly cause it was thinned and I added some activator? Finished off my shroad come lower rad mount.
I may make an airbox in the future, alloy job, then reduce the length of my trumpets by 3/4"...So I will factor in the design of a filter and feed system to the side shroad of the radiator or something.

Did some other small jobs, cut a hole for the oil filter in the plate, drilled new holes to move the rack mount across as far as possible to clear the oil hoses.. blah blah.

Saved 1.2kilos with the cut out bits, off sets my alloy sheets.


SteveA said...

Which way are you moving your steering rack? when I moved mine towards the drivers side I found there was not enough clearance for the steering (knuckle) joint as it passed through the suspension turret.
Easy enough to overcome with a bit of panel beating though.

Ryan said...

You know, you could get to work on that leather strapped anti rollbar your were talking about. =P

David Powell said...

Steve, I didn't actually have to move the rack, sorry maybe wasn't clear, I just moved the passenger side alloy rack mount over towards the wheel by 3/4" and drilled two new holes for the U bolt..There happened to be 3/4" spare to the location flange on the rack...So it seemed easy enough to move it over to clear my oil lines (needed 1/2". Maybe the rack wasn't central? Dunno never moved it since I got the car 7 years ago!

David Powell said...

Leather droop straps you mean..

Actually I did think about that the other day...I even found an old leather belt to get it started...I would cut up my whip, but I need that for other things? :)