Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brakes, pipes, making stuff

Another evening constructing stuff.

Fitted half my new manifold studs, threads are bead blasted on the old ones? and they are a bit short for the lotus spacer rings I want to use to mount the carbs.

Made a bleed line for the clutch system, its goodridge rear brake pipe for a 1500 spit I had left over, brand new :) It fits on the side of the block in a Rosejoint :) you just use a pair of spanners to undo the bleed nip and bleed away! no gearbox tunnel removal or backache...I was going to add a remote bleed to the Spitfire box, but never got round to it. You can do the job on your own too if you reach round the bukhead :)
Finshed off my pedal mounting bracket. I made a new bracket rather than welding the cut up one. I always use adjustable clevis pins on the pedals, it allows customised position of the pedals for better heel and toe, something I never quite for the position right for before...
Funny brake master cylinder has a remote reserviour, which is placed in a slightly bizarre location, but kind of forced into running one, as there is not room for two reserviour incorperated master cylinders next to eachother, atleast not if you want to undo the caps and not have them rubbing together, this is all caused by my huge trumpets :)
The bracket has no mount lip on the passenger side, so the bracket bolts through the new bulkhead in 3 places, its solid as a rock, will add captive or welded on nuts in all these hard to reach places...the pedal unit/bracket and master cylinders is easily removed as one unit, you just remove the pipes, which will be braided with swivel joint and lift the master cylinders out as a unit..All good.
I added a brace across the top like normal bracket to stop the middle bending under load...Its all good. Should be mostly welded up Thursday evening...
Here is the bizarre fluid reserviour location! on the rollcage corner of the dash, doesn't effect vision and is ok! Its a stripped down fast car not a concours leather interior machine...Nowhere else to put it, as it needs some gravity to feed down...Suppose if you spring a brake leak or loose fluid you get a warning at 140mph at Nurburgring :) Like a motorbike, you can see yout fluids! I am happy, it won't leak cause its all Willwood stuff, not Triumph!
Still tonnes of small jobs, but I am getting there, its not that relaxing atm, its bit of a rush! however there will be no consessions in quality control, if the car is ready for the 10CR great, if not we use Steves? If thats not ready, I'll rent a Triumph from my mate in Worcester? :)
78days to the 10CR! Jag back next week too...ouch but not much to do on it...I think I will be suffering from some burn out soon. Its been every evening and wot not for 2weeks till 3-4am!

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