Sunday, June 17, 2007


All systems alive and wired, just need a new pacet fan and its done, the bloody kenlowe melts fuses and heats up the wires? Heap of junk! Had to hack open the entire loom and go spaghetti style. Couldn't hide the loom where I wanted as the wires were too short..Oh well neat enough, doesn't look quite as pukka in the photos..Have to deswarf the chassis, might give a coat of black..Used some Alfa Romeo quick release connectors on a few joints for ease of assembly and engine removing etc.. No bullet connectors, all soldered joints on important stuff.

Its all fitted inside corrigated tubing through the entire car...
One less job, damn 12hr session...Its all gotta come out again, but it'll nice and easy finally assembly, kind of like building a Caterham kit!

Birdies are a tweeting..Sleep time. I think I have done 80hrs on it this week in the evenings and night-time!

Never ending!

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