Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Apollo Tank

Started finishing off a few bits.

Sorted the feed line out the top to stick air back into the cam cover.

To save vertical height I have added a banjo on the top. Just need an alloy banjo nut 3/8th, the bolt is just for trial fitting. Clearance to the bonnet is 1inch.
This is a normal male -3 3/8th fitting attached to the cam cover, I welded the tip up, thats inside the cover, redrilled to 0.9mm to match the original apollo restrictor. Added a nut on the inside with a load of loctite on it.
Made a template for the base mounting, right first time too! I will add a flat alloy plate to the bottom of the apollo, this will bolt through the chassis mount in 4 places at 0-90-180-270 degree centres into captive nuts welded in the base plate. The tank has a drain plug in the bottom but this will be difficult and messy to use, I will modify this, so a piece of braided hose runs down to the base of the chassis rails, through a hole in the alloy "crap catcher" via a bulkhead fitting and a blanking cap fitted underneath, so the draining can be done into a pan under car.
All good. Need to find some 1.75mm steel tomorrow.

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