Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Brake Pondering, Alcon James Whiting


The Alcon kit from James Whiting is designed for the SPITFIRE disc...Well, actually it can use the GT6 disc aswell.

Spitfire disc is 232mm/10mm.

GT6 disc is 245/12mm.

His specially made calipers can take a 12.7mm Disc. They will not strictly take the diameter of the GT6 disc and the O/D needs lathing down to 238.5/239mm. Apparently his personal discs are 12mm and max'ed out diameter for the caliper.

This was a key issue for me. I don't fancy the normal Spitfire Discs!

I don't think vented do much bar allow you to use shite pads? Also they have a habit of cracking alot.

Still not convinced. I don't mind redhot discs and by using the best bits I can I reckon it'll stop well without moving to heavy vented discs. The Pad size in the Alcons is massive and they scrub EVERY mm of the disc, not about 3/4 of it like the normal pads in a Triumph. Plus Alcon make calipers for F1 cars and have a good rep. My car is light and I think this might be the best route.

My only concern was the lack of the brakes before at the Ring...But then the 1144 is hardly a race-pad, they simply got cooked...The road/sprint level Pagid would piss all over it, almost TWICE the friction Co-Ef.

I am sure if a 550 (dry) kilo 230HP Racing Caterham can stop on them racing all day and night, my 625kilo (dry)? alloy engined car will be fine using the thicker GT6 discs with a bit O/D removed and some pukka discs and pads.

You can buy nice disks for the GT6, Spitfire, Vitesse etc from Rally Design, saves buying some monkey metal tatt.

Brembo also do some and if you hunt about there are ALL sorts of options and no reason to except EBC or some unbranded rubbish.

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