Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mates new toy

After selling his Elise which he loved! buying a Porsche 968 ClubSport, that he felt was just a bit boring, he should be buying this thing!

0-60 3.5s
0-100 in 9s!

Should be like an Elise on Steriods!

I approve! Hopefully you'll see him and I ragging our cars up Shelsea or Prescott this year!

I think I'd be needing some different cams, more compression and forged pistons to give it a run though! There is always 2009!


AndreGT6 said...

Sweet man, just a really nice looking machine.


Jony said...

i want one!!!! man that thing looks ACE!!!that would be great 'man that thing flys! what engine you got in there!!
rply' o just a little 1.1 thing.....' hehehe look forward to seein that!

David Powell said...

Sweet eh.

Its a 1.1 but it makes 180HP! Engine weights about 60kilos!

Geared for 125mph @ 11000rpm?

It'll probably do 125 in the time it takes a normal Spitfire to hit 60 :)

Jony said...

bike engine are kick ass! sequential box, HUGE revs, and that much power from that size engine is STUPID! triumph blocks you look at about 100bhp per L. max!

David Powell said...

No torque, but its geared low, 6 speed sq' box!

Also these Blackbird/Hayabusa engines are meant to be good for 150,000miles!

You can TURBO them with a kit and get atleast 350HP for £2200!

Thats about 660HP per tonne!

AndreGT6 said...

Oh, I think the GT6's days are numbered hehe.


GG said...


Interesting way of avoiding taking passengers too :)