Sunday, January 06, 2008

Interesting discussion about Caterham lower rose-joints, on uprights.

Following on from the other posting that got this blog removed from the CT site.

You may like a quick read of one of the many Caterham owners discussions on fitting and removing the lower wishbones upright spherical joint on Caterhams.

"Bearings now fitted very very tight. Special tool (homemade) used 12mm bolt used under full tension then Mr Big Hammer eventually shifted one side. Same the other side but also required heat to release.All done now though"

"The drivers side was really tight and I was reluctant to drive the new bearing in with a lump hammer and socket, so I made up a 'puller' out of a bit of 10mm threaded rod, some big 17mm nuts, a 21mm socket, and some oversize washers - the idea being to pull the new bearing up into the wishbone by tightening the nuts - theres a photo on the above link if anyone wants to have a look.I got it in all bar the last 2mm and then it stuck, eventually I tightened the nuts so much that the threaded rod sheared in the middle !! Ok its probably only mild steel but I'm still surprised I managed it. I desperation I put the socket over the bearing and thwacked it hard with a lump hammer, and it drove it home. A few minutes fiddling and I got the circlip in, fortunately Caterham had sent me some more so when I bent one it didnt matter. From start to finish took about 4 hours spread over 2 days"

"You should be able to tap the joint out, I found this impossible on my car until I took the wishbone off the car as the wishbone rubber mounts took all the power out of the 'hit"


Next installment.....

"How to correctly engineer a lower bearing carrier to suit the Caterham Upright"

Will be forthcoming soon(ish).

Also some other re-engineering of retail product "projects"...(snore).

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