Sunday, January 27, 2008

Home tooth repairs

I hate paying for anything. I found this great site, you can buy tonnes of dental gear on :)

Just read up on a few techniques, learn to "take the pain"...and get going :)

I chipped a tiny piece off a tooth earlier I'd like to repair it, so I have researched whats needed a Zinc phosphate filler and varnish and some reshaping after filling before varnish...

£7.00 good to go. Got a dremel already :) Why pay some dentist £100 for 5minutes?


Triumph Spitfire VX said...

Indeed , I knocked half my front tooth out going over the front of my push bike as a boy ,(before the war!). To reduce costs my parents sent me to the 'Royal Dental Hospital' in Leister Square , a 'student training establishment'. Suprise , suprise , new crown 3mm longer than partner .On reaching teens and becoming visualy paranoid I SORTED it in three minuites with a BOSCH GEX 6" orbital sander with 100 grit velcro pad costing £1.50 and good for further usage .
Look forward to seeing your dental video and if it goes well suggest you send it to R.D.H to aid training . Matt .

David Powell said...

Nice work!!!

A man of many talents!