Monday, January 28, 2008


I was about to repaint the footrest, seemed stupid, 30mins later I had made a new one from alloy! and its loads stiffer.Like so.
I wanted to not run a dashtop, firstly cause the metal bit was rusty, it was old and needed some tarting up, so decided to put the effort into some alloy bits to cover the holes and neaten it up.

The dash is perfectly painted anyway, like outside.
I made a pair of these covers.
Also one for the fag tray. The small cover with two large bolts is now holding the steering column bracket to the bulkhead as well as about 12 spotwelds...There is a big plate underneath too, stiffed that area up a bit, worth doing.
Sweet! saved another 500grams.

Next job is to make the gearshift hump and paint the floorpans, pull the motor and paint the chassis...I keep getting distracted by silly little jobs...Engine will not attempt to run until EVERYTHING is done, when everything is done I will turn the key. No rush to fire it up, thats for little boys :) Patience Patience, he who waits.

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AndreGT6 said...

I want one, the footrest.

Nice idea with no running of a dash.