Friday, January 11, 2008


Bit of wire for more neatening up...

Got my gauge lines setup. Basically fuel pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge. The water temp gauge will go on the otherside onthe water rail.

Basically the lines go through the bulkhead via -3 bulkhead connectors. Saves pissing about with grommets and silly plastic pipes etc. Its all made from JIC-3AN fittings and hose.
I intending to run the pressure gauge line from the oil block I made, but may as well run it from the tank...I will run the pressure warning light from the oil block, as the wiring loom runs right by it. This saves having the oil pressure line hanging about by the exhaust and the need for it to run around the engine and bulkhead etc, so simplier. I will run a normal oil TEMP gauge, not a capillary, one with a sender, a boss will be tig'ed into the tank to take this as the wiring it already in place. No need for a capillary on the TEMP oil for me. Saves money too.
Pretty happy with this lot :)
Had a quick fiddle and measure up for the extended brake cylinder feed pipe I need to make.
Coming on! Sweet as!

I'll be running normal copper pipe from the brake cylinder to the union on the chassis.

Clutch will be braided.

Can't wait to get this sucker on the road now and shaking it down!

Oh and after some more reading, I shall not bother to fit any form of oil cooling, its just not needed with 7.5Litres of oil capacity and the apollo. So the apollo will go straight in when the engine is first run, hense the pressure gauge and temp systems will feed off it.

So I can now draw closure to the water rail under the carbs, I will get a one piece alloy tube bent up. I will grind the fan sensor piece from the revotec tube sender, and get it tig tacked to the tube so being much neater.

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