Monday, January 28, 2008


I started on my gearbox tunnel mould this evening.

Waiting for some adheseal to go off, so will continue tomorrow.

I will make the tunnel mould, get one vac formed over it, then make the metal hump to suit the tunnel, so this way I can get the tunnel perfect then weld in metal to suit, rather than hoping the tunnel will come out as planned...

Next stage is adding some metal strips to the fibreglass wood to replicate the flanges that the screws go in, so they are flat, not some warped old rubbish as supplied.

Then make a couple of braces, bond them in to stiffen the tunnel up add some expanding foam and its good and stiff then. I can then prep the surface and get it flat, prime it and neaten it, so at this stage its ready to act as a vac forming dummy.

Once its vac formed I can trim it, fit some seal, bolt it down and start on the metal work.

Then paint the floorpans. Then make some carpet for the floorpan areas. Thats the last of the interior work.

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