Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The final wiring session

After 12hrs spread over a few evenings its nearing completion. Another 6hrs should have it done.

Basically ripped out all the old over-sized wiring and redone the entire loom in thin wall of the correct AMP rating. Added some decent fuse boxes, different relays.

Major job!

Pics are a timescale of work. Top is first, bottom last.


I notice the last davesideways thread over yonder has been locked now, rather appropriate ending.

I feel the need for a brief story.

Threads destined in new dawn to slip’eth down the plank of messages into worldly slumber. Old world enjoin has doth been restored. A pillar of irony hath been repair'eth with yee oldie polyfiller. Thar foundation built once more in boggy soil. Await’eth chilly wind to waft once more. Tales of props and gander told’eth till genuineness become. Limitation of spoil is thee prospect toil, at the show of steeds a group will gather, listen not, premeditated tales how thee scraggy knights saved clique from evil men wit steel horses, ring leader riding white swine was slain by scrawny kiltman. Cliques keen to recite disingenuous myth. Steadfast in thane certain path, charters old, no new sextons to guide thee into innovative dawning.

Like Gandalf, leader of sphere, angel wit white beast will augment beyond thine vestiges of clique tyranny, intensifying awe, shuddering power in additional piece, inward, incisive in awe-inspiring white monster.

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