Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beavering away.

Well I have a working forum, now do not fear, this is in no way in competition to the other Triumph Forums, quite the opposite.

Its being developed to be "focused" into a certain direction of basic "road" improvements through to full race cars. Not really applicable to any real marque, cars / "classics".

More about what I enjoy, which is "Retro-Classics", Kit-cars, Fast-Road-Cars, modifications and technical details with options for others who I "respect" to get more involved with.

I will be looking for a few more people to give it a once over, soon.

You can apply to:


You must be known to me and not going to get offended if at this stage I turn you down or do not reply.

I am not at the stage to allow anymore access atm, but in a few days I will.

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