Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wiring Wiring Wiring

Ok this electrical box is sorted. Everything worked first time, joy!

The fan even works.
Boot end just about done, like to feed all circuits that fuse in the electric box direct from battery as the distance is so short. All needs covering but all the hard work is done.
My light switch died ages ago and only terminals 7 and 2 worked...So stripped it down and rebuilt it with the aid of another old switch that was also buggered, between the two I had enough parts to get one working perfecto! A penny saved, is a penny earned! Piece closest to the camera had melted and broken.
No spagbol here anymore!
Started on the front end. Thats just another hour if that...

Replaced the starter wire, gauge feed wires in smaller gauge, fan wire, EWP wires, fan switch wires in correct gauge.

Phew! Thats ALOT of hours! There are now no joins, no oversized cables, no crimp connectors and EVERY SINGLE joint is soldered and has a rubber boot. Also the loom is coloured on every circuit in a different colour. Top job! I can now think that the wiring is as good as I can make it...Before it was a bit of this and that, old, new, bits added etc...

Its now removable as a single unit and can be transfered to another car and it has 16 fuses and no big AMP fuses.

One thing dies the car will go on and not just die.

Main and Dip dip beams are individually fused.

Safety feature, the Electric Water Pump relay also feeds the fuel pump fuse and power. So if the EWP dies within about 30seconds the engine will start to stumble and tell you it has happened, plus a warning light will come on if the fuse goes...Doesn't help if the motor dies, but what can you do?

Feeling a bit more perky today, been feeling profoundly knackered all week.

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Jony said...

nice one dave! one bit i think is always overlooked by most! all being well the spitty will be having a rewire soon!!!