Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More wiring

Well I kicked the system back into life, bit by bit and it all worked perfectly!
Added a poofy label, helps to remember what is what.
EDIS lives inside the dash. Checked all the other circuits and systems, they all seem perfect. Some other small jobs to do and neaten up a few other bits. Then I can wrap the lot up and move onto something else.

Basically just the gearbox hump to weld in, finish off the tunnel mould. Pull the motor out, paint up the chassis, get the parts powercoated, baffle the the sump and I might be near to home! Few other small things to do, like some make some carpet panels to sit under the seats in the floorpans and footwells.

I will do some neatwork on the oil pressure gauge, by braiding the line and adding the pressure switch inside the dash. I do like the fact the bulkhead is totally bare and it keeps stuff clean so it lasts and holds value. Just have to find some trick heater value next. Best start ebaying.

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