Friday, January 11, 2008

Megajolt MAP Sensor feed piping

I had made most of this before, but decided to adapt it, plus the ECU has moved now.

Below is a "restrictor" its a piece of pipe with a 0.8mm hole in it. This stops pulsing at the ECU map sensor. I am not using TPS but MAP. You need to restrict the tube or you get spikes, even with all 4 barrels joined.

This was covered with oil and ramped down inside the end of the silicone vacuum tubing.

I just tested it by sucking the tube attached to the carbtune meter, below is the restricted tube.
Below is an open 3mm I/D tube, no difference, so thats good!
Restrictor is where my finger points.
Tube goes through the bulkhead in above the others...All very neat eh?! I said I wasn't going to drill any more holes in the bulkhead! Thats two more today!
Can't make it any neater than that me thinks!
Very much a step up from the old 1300 installation :)

Of course the engine has to come out again, but its nice to do some fitting work and get stuff ready made, cause its such a pleasure!

As the project has moved on, things have changed and evolved.

I was considering sticking a different design of header tank on the shock tower infront of the filter or mounting it on the strut brace...Why? Cause instead of all the hoses going back from the radiator, EWP, swirl pot to the bulkhead, they can just be 1/4 to a 1/10th the length...Sure moves some weight forward, but 3kilos of water is nothing compared to 40kilos of cast iron I axed that was there (the old 125kilo engine) and the 87kilo K engine is 4.5" back from normal!

Pretty happy with it at this stage! Its been a rollercoaster of a project. highs/lows....

Atleast if I blow the engine, bar my cylinder head its gonna be a doddle to sort in the future. Which was the idea. Basically its just a matter of wanging my head on a new bottom-end, transfering a few parts across.

I know of few Caterhams that have done 75,000miles + and still going on the original motor so fingers crossed! Also kind of forgetting that it was fast before but needed trashing, this time it'll be stupidly fast and piss all over how it was before even if you short shifted at 4500rpm :) Bring it on!

Have to have some late nights soon, err...its 3.37am atm! Its really important to me that the car is really complete by April...I'd like to go to the Triumph Hillclimb event at Shelsea as its local, or the meeting whatever it is and slaughter everything up the hill...

However getting it rolling is one thing, then it needs tuning, which of course I will do myself by ear any issues fixing, don't predict any at all, provided I did a good job on the motor, the other stuff is all no-brainer work really...

...Then the small issue that to thrash it the diff needs changing (vitesse 1600!), the rear suspension will remain as normal during the gentle testing and shakedown period, not too keen on giving it full welly on the swing axles...So maybe this hillclimb is a bad idea :)

I just intend to potter about, do some motorways tests and get the front suspension working to my liking again...Once its all good I'll be wanting to welly it, so i'll nail a decent CV conversion or something and suspension.

Best not to run before you can walk, especially when you have put probably 1200hrs into a bloody car! 2009 is the main event.

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