Sunday, January 13, 2008

A site for all Triumph

Not up yet, just links to this blog, will in crude fashion - be open very soon, just a forum at this early stage.

I notice google updates with my latest blog enteries almost instantly, so I'd like some associations made in the search engines! Starting now.


Anonymous said...

Sorry mate in my opinion CT needs people like yourself.
I have added a bit to my CT signiture.
Fuck EM!

SteveA said...

To help your search engine ratings, don't forget to get your meta tags right and do a xml sitmap. Also worth getting your site validated by google try for lots of tools, if you have not already.


Anonymous said...

heard you was thinking of doing a forum, iv got one set up, and your more than welcome to be administrator, as iv failed to get it going, and would save you the time, im up for changing it some.

David Powell said...

Cheers Steve,


I am most of the way through implementing it at this stage, I have domain(s) and hosting sorted and am working on the forum atm.

I appreciate the offer however. Best of luck with it.

royboy66 said...

Looking forward to this Dave!

They will one day (very)soon realise how daft they been!
Some ppl just didnt GET you! (pne mans floor is another mans ceiling eh!)

Iwill be popping in here to show my support when its all go!