Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2.2 kilo saving!! Alternator Joys!

I have been waiting for this day! Ditch the massive alternator!

Not sure whats its off, its a Denso alternator its tennie wennie.

It needed a mount system, so i went to the engineering shop and rented the lathe for a bit and made one from alloy, it just slots over the bolt and into the hole on the engine plate...

This alloy thing -was all that was needed bar a bolt of the right length and size, I drilled out the alternator bracket to the same size (10mm) as the fixing hole on the alternator mounting bracket....1 bolt runs through all.

Its so diddy! Filler cap was grey'ed!

Mounted on rod ends and threaded bar (I have got big into this grey thing).

Uses a 900mm length standard width fanbelt, halfords job, could use a 895-890mm with more inclination to the block but you'll need to remove the alternator to change the belt, so 900 is best!

At this stage a 2.2kilo score is hard to find without butchery, all at the front too! I think i'm a good 12-13kilos lighter than last time i drove it.

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