Friday, May 26, 2006

Oil pressure! Other findings.

Currently after 1hr of running and oil warmed up the motor knocks out 23-25psi oil pressure at idle, and 55psi @ 2750, 60psi @ 3000 and 65psi from there up, thats with no cooler, I'd expect a raise with one fitted. I stabbed the brakes a few times and my baffles appear to be working ok. I expect to loose some pressure after gunning but the oil in there atm is cheap shit so it'll probably make no difference.

Still no leaks - bar wet heads on the two bolts that go into the alloy bridge under the front main bearing cap...need to pull them out and throw some sealer on them....No drips, yet!

No teething issues really - bar the running issues -the clutch master cylinder cap needs replacing and it dribbled a litle fluid onto my bulkhead but luckily it didnt mark it, much!! grrr. Needed to do up the brake line off the master cylinder a bit as this had a tiny weap too.

Need to fit a roof as my doors rely on it for stability as I cut the inner skin out they are floppy, they wobble and shake without a hood! However the standard version with inner skins are rock solid !

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