Saturday, May 06, 2006


A growling beast hast been released from its winter sleep.

All good. Compression within about 2% (ta josh 8-) and average 193psi ...Josh says theoretic best is 195 on my compression so not half bad. I have over 100% on one 8-) dunno how that works.

I use my own start up proceedcure which is just what i do for some changes every time.

I finally torque the head down after 5-6minutes of running while hot to 58 flbs torque, this is my prefered setting for some reason.

Firstly I go to 55lbs on the head on build up.

Checked fuel pressure, float levels and base balanced the carbs by the pulling on one lever technique+ set timing, built up oil pressure etc. I run it for 1minute at 2K without any water, in two 30sec stages with a check on things between each and timing roughly set on a strobe- I dry run to get the head gasket glue to soften up without any water getting involved due to noticing some negative effects of just flopping on a gasket and adding water before you have atleast heated the gasket up, I then let it cool and add water.

I also drilled out the copper washers from the head gasket as they are not needed on mine, I thought they might not compress as well as the gasket and seems stupid to leave them in place with the oil riser blocked.

Then run for 2mins at 2000rpm (always 2K) to help lighten the loads on the new cam, then stop check oil, water, leaks etc. I can get hectic here as it will bake itself fast if anything is a amiss, so a constant check on the dials needed...

If all is well I then go again for 3mins and get to 95C at the end, let it cool a touch then re-torque to the final 58lbs. You can feel the gasket compress at this stage and 55 lbs build torque has definately lost some grip cause the gasket glue spreads with heat and you loose some thickness with more torque.

I then drop the rpm 1500rpm as the cam has had 6minutes and its past danger point me thinks and 1500 is still ok for cam bedding---I then set the carbs balance up and make the first attempt at adjusting idle mixture screws and get a smooth high tickover going. Thats about a minute so after 7minutes over a few hours its ready for the road, I'd ignore the idle speed, leave it at that and do another 15minutes on the road then lower the idle, finally balance the carbs and airbleeds then set the idle mixture...job done.

I want to keep running under low ring pressure to the min so 7minutes is about minimum I think before road testing and getting in 4th at low rpm and getting some mean cylinder pressure up.

Think oil pressure will be very very good going on first signs.

The oil feed to the rockers restrictor is too big still at 1.4mm, I will downsize to 1.2 next, still too much oil in the top of the engine, the roller rockers have a much tighter clearance on the shaft with flat bushes so they will let less out and so the flow on those will be less anyways.

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