Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Work, Work, Work

People just won't leave me alone! Bar the odd day I have been on 10.30am till midnight for the last month, 7days a week basically, on all sorts. I need to have some down time!

Desperately trying to finish the spit now its not just been a bolt it back together job, bat the first bit! Taking ages... Summer is here (LOL) and the trackday is not far away. I want to get it well broken in first - its been built to be trashed all the time...Might have to book a ferry and drive to Nurburgring for a few laps then back, if I don't hurry up 8-)

So it now has a clutch and brakes, used some aeroquip hose and made my own flexi lines to the brake union and slave cylinder. No reason really. Just as good as hard line imo. Also means you can easily whip off the lines from the master cylinder cause they have swivelling connections so you can do up both ends without twist!

Jobs left:

Bolt bonnet on properly
Rear gearbox oil seal - tunnel fitting and sealing properly?
Windscreen frame- painting, oh god no!
Find laminated windscreen Fit windscreen frame, hardtop
Finish and fit the valance once its back from painting
Make some blanking plates for passenger door handle opening - no handle or lock will be fitted.
Fit lock and Striker to pass door

Have to get a seat soon, you have to hang on for dear life atm 8-) Probably on A539 175/60/14 fronts and Bridgestone RE720 185/55/14 rears for a while...I thought the RE720's were instantly more effective before so handling won't be totally crisp till I have worn the fronts out. the 175/185 mismatch wasnt intensional but the handling was ok on it. If I can find some cheap RE720's i'll dump the A539's soon they are too hard for me, ok though.

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